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What sets us apart is our duality as a festival and a marketplace. In addition to providing a platform for the exhibition and discussion of innovative works, we also offer tangible business opportunities. Our business meetings connect creators with leading companies in the sector, facilitating collaboration and the creation of joint projects. Our project pitching also provides a platform for new talent to present their ideas to a global audience. At Seriesland Pro we explore the synergy between audiovisual and new technologies, making the most of the possibilities they offer. Seriesland Pro arises from the need to adapt and restructure the telecommunications industry to the new international landscape with the incorporation of new services for the creation and distribution of audiovisual and digital content. Seriesland Pro is a forum for exchange between experts, where companies can see what’s new in the audiovisual and technological world and make contact with new agents.


First we will start with some small round tables where we will discover a bit more about the digital formats. From US, Germany to the Basque Country, the situation of the digital creations is always evolving. We will analyse and compare the global situation in context. We will meet the pitch jury, producers from companies that are interested in meeting new talent. We will discover what they are looking for, when they search for fresh content.


Creators and producers face the challenge of presenting their projects to a jury composed of global audiovisual companies, particularly interested in digital series. This process, known as pitching, involves exposing their proposals to specialized audiences, with the aim of securing funding, co-productions, or distribution for their productions. Each presenter meticulously prepares to stand out among their peers, delivering a concise and persuasive presentation of the viability and potential of their projects to these companies that can make their project viable. It is a crucial moment where creativity meets the pragmatic industry, and where the ability to communicate ideas effectively can define the future commercial success of a digital project.

In other editions, the jury has been composed of individuals representing companies such as Paramount, Viacom, EITB, K2000, MediaPro, Flixxo, Seeka TV, Un3TV, MTV, among others.


Within the Festival framework, Speed Meetings take place, an activity where participants have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with key representatives of the audiovisual industry. These brief meetings allow creators, producers, and other industry professionals to establish direct connections with executives from production, distribution, and financing companies. In these fast-paced yet intensive encounters, participants present their projects, discuss potential collaborations, and explore business opportunities. With limited time, each meeting becomes an invaluable opportunity to exchange ideas, establish strategic contacts, and progress in the development and realization of audiovisual projects.


WHAT IS "BASQUEGUNA"? Professional Conference in collaboration with Eiken & Getxo City Council

It is a specific event for local producers in collaboration with the main drivers of the Basque creative companies and the audiovisual and digital 2.0 sector. The objective of this event is, through conferences and round tables, to continue exploring the options that technological advances offer to the sector. At the same time, to know how our companies are implementing them. We believe that this reflection is very necessary and can also help companies to communicate and even produce common content or exchange resources.


To bet on innovation and the new creative industries, strategic in the coming years.
Bring together the sector and the different associations and groups represented at an event.
Share the needs of the Basque sector, as well as see opportunities to carry out projects in collaboration, co-production
Support and promote creation in the Basque Country.
Open new business possibilities for Basque companies, as well as attract potential investors and producers to the Territory.
Investigate and reflect on the state of the Basque industry.



DigiFicc is a competition aimed at identifying concepts for digital fiction audiovisual projects with distinctive elements, while also having the potential for a global and diverse audience to feel connected. Web series and transmedia projects will be accepted interchangeably. The purpose of DigiFicc is to discover, promote, and develop authors, providing them with the appropriate guidance to progress in their work. Therefore, finalists have access to a short writer's residency to work on their project and pitch it to executives in the audiovisual industry. The finalists of DIGIFICCeko SERIESLAND SERIES LAB will win the opportunity to participate in the SERIESLAND SERIES LAB program, either in person or online, as well as access to all the activities taking place within the framework of the festival. This is a brief creators' residency where writers or showrunners will have the chance to develop their project, revising the format, script, and how they present it, through workshops and mentoring. They will also have the opportunity to pitch their project to industry executives. Among the officially selected projects in competition, 8 finalists will be chosen for Seriesland Lab in person and 8 for Seriesland Online Lab, and there will be one winning pitch for the online section and another for the in-person section.


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