DIMA, The new online market for media content

DIMA is the definitive digital market to find the best media content from a global community, connecting producers and buyers in an optimized environment to make business happen, and reach new markets and audiences. And all this is just a click away.

Monetize your content online worldwide!

Showcase your talent and monetise, being able to find coproduction partners or sell your work to buyers from across the globe.

Looking for a coproducer?

You are in the right place. DIMA has the possibility to scout content on different phases, so a company can find co-production for one project, but also license their content and make deals for already produced content. Hundreds of other creators and distributors from around the world are watching, so it is your time to shine!

Buyers are scouting online

You will be able to show your finished productions to licence in different territories. There are over 3000 players in the TV, VOD, SVOD, PPV and TVOD platform business. We present a market that never closes in which buyers can dive into all your creativity. Monetize and close deals online and keep your work flow going thanks to DIMA! Try it for free!

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