WHAT IS "BASQUEGUNA"? Professional Conference in collaboration with Eiken & Getxo City Council

It is a specific event for local producers in collaboration with the main drivers of the Basque creative companies and the audiovisual and digital 2.0 sector. The objective of this event is, through conferences and round tables, to continue exploring the options that technological advances offer to the sector. At the same time, to know how our companies are implementing them. We believe that this reflection is very necessary and can also help companies to communicate and even produce common content or exchange resources.


To bet on innovation and the new creative industries, strategic in the coming years.
Bring together the sector and the different associations and groups represented at an event.
Share the needs of the Basque sector, as well as see opportunities to carry out projects in collaboration, co-production
Support and promote creation in the Basque Country.
Open new business possibilities for Basque companies, as well as attract potential investors and producers to the Territory.
Investigate and reflect on the state of the Basque industry.

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