DigiFicc is a competition aimed at identifying concepts for digital fiction audiovisual projects with distinctive elements, while also having the potential for a global and diverse audience to feel connected. Web series and transmedia projects will be accepted interchangeably. The purpose of DigiFicc is to discover, promote, and develop authors, providing them with the appropriate guidance to progress in their work. Therefore, finalists have access to a short writer's residency to work on their project and pitch it to executives in the audiovisual industry. The finalists of DIGIFICCeko SERIESLAND SERIES LAB will win the opportunity to participate in the SERIESLAND SERIES LAB program, either in person or online, as well as access to all the activities taking place within the framework of the festival. This is a brief creators' residency where writers or showrunners will have the chance to develop their project, revising the format, script, and how they present it, through workshops and mentoring. They will also have the opportunity to pitch their project to industry executives. Among the officially selected projects in competition, 8 finalists will be chosen for Seriesland Lab in person and 8 for Seriesland Online Lab, and there will be one winning pitch for the online section and another for the in-person section.

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